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Angleški prevod knjige Okopi

An Adria airplane landed at the Ljubljana Airport on 18 August 1993. Among other passengers was a man travelling on false documents. His real name was Radenko Radojčić, a former functionary of the Yugoslav People’s Army’s security service, where he worked as a specialist for propaganda under a code name “Ljudevit”.The head of the intelligence department of the Ministry of Defence Tone Peinkiher was waiting for him at the airport in Ljubljana. He was, like Radojčić, a man leading a double life. The former State Security Administration (UDBA), in the guise of the criminal police, had him listed as a secret agent, under the code name “Taxi Driver”. He put Radojčić up in a Ministry owned apartment at Rojčeva Street in Ljubljana. Radojčić had stayed there until 15 March 1994. He provided Peinkiher with 120 microfilms from the stock or archive of the Yugoslav Army’s Counterintelligence Service. Peinkiher did not inform his superiors about Radojčić, about being in contact with him, or about the received microfilms.In mid September 1993 Peinkiher told Radojčić about his meetings with Milan Kučan and with Mladina reporters and ordered him to devise a plan to topple the then Minister of Defence, Janez Janša. Radojčić agreed and created a plan, the actualization of which has in Slovenia been known for the past 20 years as the »Depala vas« affair.

This is a story of a failed transition in Slovenia through the eyes of a first Minister of Defence, Janez Janša.

  • obseg: 348 pages
  • format: 17 x 24,5 cm
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