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First-Class Citizens – A System For The False Elite


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A system has been established in Slovenia, which serves primarily the elite. The self-appointed and self-proclaimed elite. The first-class citizens. They use all means possible for the preservation of their power, their status and their privileges. One of the most disastrous long-term consequences of this system is the erosion of the human capital and the cornerstones of Slovenian statehood.
This system defends the privileges of the elite and thus prevents the natural competition of talents in society. Consequently, each year thousands of talented and ambitious people leave Slovenia. The second-class citizens who stay, don’t have equal opportunities for success. The immigrants who replace our talents are low-skilled labourers and consumers of social funds. Everyone capable of looking past the everyday false reality presented by the regime media is aware that values in Slovenia are being threatened and we are heading to a breaking point. There are two possible outcomes.




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